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VPN Launch & Other News

VPN Launch & Other News

Pangolin VPN Launch

The much anticipated Pangolin VPN will be launching soon with a staggered release schedule globally starting this May 2022!

We have been crunching through the last couple months beginning with an internal Alpha from December 2021 till March 2022. From March 2022 till today we have completed beta testing on our staging servers. Our next step is a server migration before a network wide update to all Pangolin devices.

We are currently working on a server migration schedule so that our users will have minimal to zero down time. We will be closely monitoring the situation to ensure that no users will run into any issues. Soon after we have deemed that there are no issues we will begin updating user devices with an updated firmware that not only contains the VPN module, but also multiple performance tweaks!

This will be our biggest update to date!

Pangolin VPN Windows Client

As part of our continued commitment we have also built a Pangolin VPN Windows Client executable that will be released together with the Pangolin VPN Firmware update.

This Windows client will be available for download via the Windows App store and on our website here within the next couple months.

The Pangolin VPN Windows Client will be compatible with all current Windows Operation Systems allowing windows users to VPN straight to a secured firewalled connection no matter where they may be.

Pangolin VPN Client (Android and iOS)

The Pangolin VPN Client for mobile devices is currently in alpha testing and will be released sometime Q3 of 2022 on both the Android and iOS app stores.

The Client app for mobile devices will allows all mobile devices to go on a secured VPN connection from anywhere in the world.

Key features of the Pangolin VPN

Security and privacy! You are in control of your Pangolin Firewall Device and thus in control of your own VPN server. Your data and privacy is secure with the Pangolin VPN server client pair.

Ease of use. The Pangolin VPN server is extremely easy to setup. Simply "enable" the VPN server on the updated Pangolin Android and iOS app, add your desired device via a unique QR code, and log into the VPN via a client app on the device with one tap or mouse click. It is as simple as that. Gone are the days of complex VPN and encryption protocol setups!

High speed. Should a user have their Pangolin deployed at a location with a highspeed connection (both upload and download), the Pangolin VPN is able to hit speeds of up to 300mbps up/down. Making the Pangolin VPN one of the fastest VPNs currently available.

TeamRed at Computex Taiwan 2022

This year, TeamRed will be attending Innovex and Computex 2022 in Taipei, Taiwan. 

Though current rules and restrictions makes it hard for visitors to fly into Taiwan at this current point in time, we nonetheless hope to see you there! 

Thank you for being patient

Finally, we would like to thank all our users for being patient with us. Your trust in us gives us the motivation to keep improving and striving for a safer and more secure online experience. 

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