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Self-contained Privacy

We care deeply about our users' privacy and their data. One key advantage of Pangolin versus other security products is how it tackles data privacy and analysis.

Our team continues to work tirelessly to design and develop the software and network architecture of the Pangolin in order to create a device that is self-contained. This means that your historical network usage and user data never leave your device. Designing the architecture to perform this way was a true challenge and one that we had set out to tackle from the beginning, as we strongly believe that your data belongs to you and no one else.

However, most similar products on the market today require your data and historical network use to be sent to their cloud servers in order to conduct analysis and to provide you with network usage information and statistics.

Now, this may not seem like a huge issue, but at TeamRed we believe that everything is fallible and there is never a foolproof way to protect online data; security can only be hardened to a certain degree before there are diminishing returns. The second data is sent from a device to secure cloud servers this creates a security and privacy vulnerability. Sometimes this can lead to massive data leaks like we have seen in recent years involving companies such as Yahoo! and Marriott, where millions of users had their credentials and private data leaked.

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