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We live in a time of digital advertising overload. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, be it browsing a news site, watching a video on YouTube, checking out streams on Twitch, or simply scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram feeds.

Every little while, you’re going to run into some form of advertisement. What’s worse is that companies also use trackers to study your online behavior and use it against you to predict the types of ads that they should serve, making you spend more money in the long-run.

Checked out a sneaker website? Well, that’s why you’re now suddenly getting ads for that particular pair of shoes on your Facebook app.

We can help you bypass all of this through our ad blocking feature, which prevents ads from appearing and also blocks trackers from collecting data about your behavior.

All you’ve got to do is tap on any of your devices that are listed on our app, and then tap “Block ads and tracking”.

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