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Bandwidth Controls

Any busy household with a lot of devices has come across bandwidth issues.

With so many people trying to access the internet at once, it’s natural that some devices will get the lion’s share of available bandwidth, leaving others in the lurch.

When you’re at home alone, it’s no problem. But when you’re trying to sit on a conference call, while your wife is streaming Netflix in 4K, and your kids are trying to play a competitive FPS online, there are going to be tempers flaring whenever one of their services gets interrupted.

That’s why we built our custom bandwidth controls.

Instead of needing to fiddle around with complicated settings on your router and other devices, we’ve created an all-in-one interface that lets you apportion a certain amount of bandwidth to each device.

With the swipe of a finger, you can ensure that all of your devices are always reserved a certain amount of bandwidth.

For example, you can ensure that your work laptop will always be able to use at least 30% of your home internet’s upload and download capabilities. You can then set the smart TV to receive 30%, which will prevent those 4K streams from getting choppy. Then, you can give your gaming console access to 30%.

This doesn’t mean that all other devices only get 10% of your bandwidth, either. If one or none of the three devices above is using the internet, then the full amount of available bandwidth is re-allocated to all of the others that are currently using the network.

Note: Using bandwidth controls can lower your overall maximum download and upload rates if your internet is higher than 500 mbps.


Bufferbloat occurs when there are multiple devices vying for bandwidth on the same network. For example, if you are trying to get that chicken dinner in Fortnite while some people in your household are streaming Netflix, bufferbloat may occur and cause a lag spike to happen during your gaming session. And we all know where that usually ends up.

Anti-bufferbloat makes sure that this lag spike does not occur through the utilization of SQM (Smart Queue Management). In heavy network use situations, it can tremendously improve browsing, streaming, and gaming experiences.

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