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Great news for Pangolin!

As of May 10, 2021, we are excited to announce that Pangolin has received Cybersecurity Level 2 labelling by the Cyber Security Agency (CSA) of Singapore, following a stringent review process of Pangolin's capabilities and our security protocols and practices by the Singaporean government.

This marks an important step for Pangolin and bringing the best in easy-to-use, affordable cybersecurity to homes and businesses in Singapore and elsewhere.

CSA label

Exciting New Features (March 2024 Update)

Structured Alert View

Understand your security posture at a glance with our new structured alert view.

Our new alert format presents itemized breakdowns of your network security issues, enabling swift identification of the what, when, and where of your security incidents, allowing you to quickly formulate an appropriate response.

(Released March 2024)

Advanced Alert Filtering

Cut through the noise and hone in on alerts relevant to your forensics process with our new criteria-based filtering for alerts.

Tailor your view of alerts by content, date and time range, severity, affected devices, and more. With precision filtering, easily pinpoint the alerts that demand your attention, streamlining your investigation process.

(Released March 2024)

Alert Detail Inspection

Delve deeper into your alerts with a simple tap.

Uncover comprehensive insights into network threats by effortlessly applying Traffic History filters based on threat indicators reported by your alerts, or viewing them on external services for further analysis.

(Released March 2024)

Network Traffic History

Know exactly what goes on in your network with our comprehensive traffic history logging.

Find out which servers your devices frequently communicate with, what protocols they are using, how much data they've transferred, and which other devices they're talking to. Identify and scrutinize potentially unwanted device behaviors and track the propagation vector of malware breakouts in your network.

Unlike competing products, we also log internal traffic, providing a complete picture of your network activity.

(Released March 2023)

Virtual Private Network

Easily allow family and/or employees access to your network while monitoring and policing their activity with our zero-configuration VPN software. Simply generate a QR code and have them scan it on their VPN app to onboard them onto your network.

Clients connected over VPN get to enjoy the additional security benefits provided by Pangolin in addition to being able to access internal network resources.

Our VPN software does its best to create a direct peer-to-peer connection between your clients and the Pangolin, so you can be confident about the privacy of your connections. No additional cloud relay infrastructure required.

(Released May 2022)

Here's what Pangolin Does

Protects Your Network 24/7

Pangolin hardens network security by keeping device security policies updated, and other security features such as VPN Server Client and Traffic Forensics.

Defends Your Privacy

Pangolin blocks ads and trackers on your devices, stopping advertisers from making your browsing experience intrusive, annoying and inconvenient.

2-step Setup

You don't need to be an expert to set up or use Pangolin. All you have to do is plug in the device and register it on our app for iOS or Android - no need to fuss with router settings!

Why a smart firewall?

The modern home or office doesn't just have PCs that can be protected with software firewalls. The average home or office now has any number of smart IoT devices - from mobile devices like smart phones to simple baby cams - that cannot be protected by your computer's firewall from intrusion and malware. That's where a smart firewall like the Pangolin comes in - it protects all of your devices from online threats.

Total Protection

Accidentally clicked on that phishing or malware link? Worried about what to do next? Defend your network from security threats with Pangolin! Protect your home network, including smart devices like home assistants, baby cameras, and your tablets and phones. The best part is, we keep the security updated so you don’t have to. Pangolin protects you 24/7.

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Self-contained Privacy

Other network security devices need to send your user and historical data to the cloud for analysis. Pangolin is smart enough to stay up-to-date without having to send your precious data to external cloud servers. All of your user and historical data stays with you and only you.

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Block All Ads

Sick of companies spamming you with ads and following your online behavior? With one tap of a finger on our app, you can block ads and trackers on any or all of your devices.

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Parental Controls

Everyone on their phone at the dinner table? Get that precious family time back with Pangolin. Set internet break times and block objectionable content on a per-device basis through our simple parental controls. This will allow you and your family to focus on what matters, like homework or spending time together at home.

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Anti-Bufferbloat & Bandwidth Controls

Sick of competing for bandwidth in your household or office? What about videos buffering and online games lag spiking? Pangolin’s custom bandwidth controls give you back control of your network. Let Pangolin’s automated network algorithms manage the network congestion (bloat) or allocate the proper bandwidth to each device to your heart's content. This means no more arguments when one person wants to play online games while another wants to stream HD video.

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Stylish Dashboard

Monitor key threat, privacy, and bandwidth usage statistics for your network and devices - with no extra work on your end!

User Testimonials

"Pangolin Successfully and intelligently blocked suspicious traffic on my network. Would I buy one? Absolutely."

– Andrea Levinge, Managing Director, White Widget

"I truly enjoyed watching frustrated hacking attempts going 'SPLAT!'"

– Gary Theis, Chief Technology Officer,

"When I plugged in Pangolin it automatically locked down my media server from the Internet since it detected malware... Pangolin is truly a must-have for all modern homes!"

– Wesley Lim, Owner, AVDI (Smart Home & Enterprise Integrator)

"Delivered good build quality product with excellent packaging. Easiest plug and play setup. Device needed additional update for compatibility with my router, which the support team resolved on the same day for me."

– Desmond, Review on Pangolin Facebook Page

"Really thumbs up for them. They do listen to complains and feedback, investigate and fixes them or guides you if it is user issue to resolve the problem It has been blocking off connections that happen on devices that i dont even notice previously. Though there are some false positives, it happens with all firewall."

– Jayson, Review on Pangolin Facebook Page

"Received the device today, installed on less than 5 minutes, had 2 alerts within another 5!"

– Lakan, Review on Pangolin Facebook Page

More Features

Consistent automated security updates to secure your network from the latest online threats

Manage all your devices right on the Pangolin App

Ability to install and manage multiple Pangolins with one App

Smart Queue Management prevents network bottlenecks

Control how you use your bandwidth with easy-to-use sliders

Threat Management – easy-to-use threat management system

No Subscription Fees – your device rules will be maintained for free for life

Threat Feed – Check out our threat feed right from the app for up-to-date news on attacks and vulnerabilities

One touch nuking – recycling your Pangolin? Giving a Pangolin away? Nuke your data from the hardware simply and easily through the app

Super easy to install

Just power up the Pangolin and connect it to your modem or router

Designed with ease-of-use in mind

Our device and app are so easy to use that anyone can have an ultra secure network without wasting precious time from their busy day

Shipped to over 20 countries already!

We ship worldwide, so you can enjoy the best network protection wherever you are

As Seen On

"Setting up security on your home network can be difficult if you don’t have experience or aren’t the most technically minded. With the plug and play aspect of this cybersecurity device, it’s so easy to protect yourself."

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