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Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

TEAMRED LABS is committed to ensuring the safety and security of our customers.

To this end, TEAMRED LABS is now formalizing our policy for accepting Vulnerability Reports related to our products. We hope to foster an open partnership with the security community, and we recognize that the work the community does is important in continuing to ensure safety and security for all of our customers. We have developed this policy to both reflect our corporate values and to uphold our legal responsibility to good-faith security researchers that are providing us with their expertise.

Initial Scope

TEAMRED LABS’ Vulnerability Disclosure Policy initially covers the following

While TEAMRED LABS is working to develop a number of other products, we ask that all security researchers submit Vulnerability Reports only for the stated product list. We intend to increase our scope as we build capacity and experience with this process. Researchers who submit a Vulnerability Report to us will be given full credit on our website once the submission has been accepted and validated by our product security team.

Legal Posture

TEAMRED LABS will not engage in legal action against individuals who submit Vulnerability Reports through our Vulnerability Reporting Policy. We openly accept reports for the currently listed TEAMRED LABS products. We agree not to pursue legal action against individuals who:

How to Submit a Vulnerability

To submit a Vulnerability Report to TEAMRED LABS’ Product Security Team, please first contact us via our contact form.

Preference, Prioritization, and Acceptance Criteria

We will use the following criteria to prioritize and triage submissions.

What we would like to see from you:

What you can expect from us:

If we are unable to resolve communication issues or other problems, TEAMRED LABS may bring in a neutral third party (such as CERT/CC, ICS-CERT, or the relevant regulator) to assist in determining how best to handle the vulnerability.


This document Version 1.3 was created 10-January-2021 (we update or renew this policy every 90 days).

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