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Simple and Clear Security Alerts

Pangolin allows you to understand your network security posture at a glance by highlighting the outstanding issues in your network via the Alerts Page.
Our alerts present itemized breakdowns of your network security issues in an intuitive way, bringing crucial information to the forefront with minimal noise; allowing you to quickly comprehend the what, when, and where of your network security issues - points critical to informing a decisive response to security breaches.
With advanced alert filtering, you can hone in on issues relevant to your forensics process. Filter your alerts based on criteria like date range, severity, frequency of incidents, issue types, and affected devices; and quickly pinpoint the alerts that demand your attention.
When viewing an alert, you have the option to further drill down on specific issue details in order to query them on other Pangolin modules. You may also opt to cross-check them with external services in order to verify false positives, examine associated threat information, or discover the related sites that may have triggered them.

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