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Update August 19 2020

Update August 19 2020

Hi everyone,

We received the shipment into our Taiwan office today, and were, for lack of a better word, shocked when we conducted our packaging checks.

When we opened the large boxes that the individual units had been shipped in, we came to see that there were damages on the packaging for the individual units. We also noticed scuffing on some of the shells that were inside the packages. Our hearts sank to the floor.

We’d like to share some photos of what we saw:

We’ve had to make the difficult decision to deem this initial shipment unworthy of mailing out to customers. We have clearly told our manufacturing partner that such a job is unacceptable and they are in agreement, and are recalling all of the units that were shipped last week.

A new batch fresh off the line will be shipped tomorrow, and more care will be taken in packing and handling them. We will then start mailing them out early next week after we’ve again checked the quality of each individual unit that has been sent over.

This means that we will unfortunately have to delay sending the packages to you for another week. We were truly excited to start mailing out the first batch of units to our backers and pre-orders today. However, we simply cannot, in good conscience, mail packages to customers that have damage on them.

We sincerely appreciate your patience,


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