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August 5, 2020

August 5, 2020

Hi everyone,

We’ve got some good news from the factory. After initiating an initial ten-piece sample test earlier in the week, the boards were cleared by the DIP, QA, and QC process. Green light was given to go ahead with the final stages of mass production and assembly.

That mass production is ongoing now, and that means we are on the final legs of that process. Once all of the remaining boards finish the DIP process, we’ll have a working PCBA. After this, we’ll be testing the firmware and completing the assembly process with the shells, and will begin shipping out the units. Our team continues to work daily together with the factory during the entire process in order to ensure the timeliness of this final leg.

We’ll be updating you again soon after we’ve completed the final assembly and QA process, and to notify you when units begin to ship. We will be sharing an update here and also individually getting in touch with all of our backers and pre-order customers with the tracking code for your packages.




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