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TeamRed Security News Roundup - September 28, 2018

TeamRed Security News Roundup - September 28, 2018

Welcome to the latest TeamRed News Roundup, where we’ll be exploring some of the top cybersecurity stories that are making the rounds.

VPNFilter evolves

VPNFilter, a malware strain that infected hundreds of thousands of routers around the world, seems to have even more destructive capabilities.

Researchers have discovered that VPNFilter is capable of network mapping, denial of service attacks, and traffic obfuscation.

Source: Threat Post

New botnet 'Torii' targetting IoT devices

There is a new botnet out there, and the researchers that discovered it say that it's the most advanced out there.

Nicknamed 'Torii', the malware is able to pilfer data from IoT devices and also allows malicious actors to run any command on infected machines.

Source: Tech Radar

Politicians exposed by phishing scam

Phishing attacks compromised Hillary Clinton's campaign in 2016, and they are still a threat to the 2018 midterm elections in the US.

Tech companies like Microsoft, Google, and Facebook are all staying vigilant and removing any malicious actors they can find. It will be interesting to see if any political organisations are affected.

Source: CNET, CBS

Bitcoin fixes DDoS vulnerability

Cryptocurrency Bitcoin apparently had a massive DDoS vulnerability - one that could have proved disastrous to the whole network if exploited.

A patch is available and the Bitcoin team strongly suggests that all miners upgrade to the latest software.

Source: Hacker News

The United Nations accidentally shared private data

The UN has become another example of a large organisation that has had its private data exposed. However, this leak was not caused by external forces.

The UN apparently did not configure Trello, Jira, and Google Docs properly. Passwords, technical information, and internal documents were all available to the public.

Source: Latest Hacking News

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