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TeamRed Security News Roundup - October 13, 2018

TeamRed Security News Roundup - October 13, 2018

Welcome to the latest TeamRed News Roundup, your weekly dose of the biggest cybersecurity headlines.

US Senate looks into Google+

A recent revelation about security vulnerabilities in Google+ have landed the tech giant in hot water with the US Senate.

There are suspicions that Google chose not to share information about the problem due to a fear of public backlash.

Source: CNET 

Huge vulnerability found in Whatsapp

A Google researcher has found a vulnerability in popular messaging app Whatsapp.

According to her, a video call on Whatsapp could potentially allow malicious actors to compromise Whatsapp's security and take over its operations on your phone.

This was patched recently on both Android and iOS, so please remember to update your apps.

Source: The Hacker News

Facebook fights misinformation ahead of elections

Social network giant Facebook have announced that more than 800 accounts and pages have been removed from their platform ahead of the US midterm elections.

This is an attempt to fight spam and the spread of false information - a practice that some feel contributed to the 2016 presidential election results.

Source: Threat Post

Sony BRAVIA Smart TV vulnerabilities patched

Three vulnerabilities, including one that could potentially allow for remote code execution, was found in Sony BRAVIA Smart TVs.

Reported to Sony in March 2018, the vulnerabilities were apparently not completely patched until August 2018.

Source: Latest Hacking News

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