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TeamRed Security News Roundup – November 9, 2018

TeamRed Security News Roundup – November 9, 2018

More leaders join in the hunt for Facebook accountability

Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg continue to draw attention from governments around the world.

Having refused to appear before MPs in the UK and Canada, Zuckerberg has now drawn interest from the governments of Australia, Argentina, and Ireland.

Facebook continues to be embattled, with both governments and users continuing to worry about data privacy.

Source: Daily Express (UK)

HSBC gets breached

HSBC has confirmed that it was the victim of a security breach, and that both banking information and personal particulars may have been stolen.

The bank thinks that less than 1% of its American clients were affected.

Source: BBC

FaceTime could leave iPhones vulnerable

Malicious actors in close proximity to an iOS device could use the new Group FaceTime feature to bypass security.

Fortunately, they would need to have physical access to the device.

Source: First Post

New Microsoft EDGE vulnerability discovered

A newly discovered leak in Microsoft's EDGE browser could potentially allow hackers to execute arbitrary commands.

That would allow them to install programs, steal data, and create admin accounts.

Source: Latest Hacking News

WooCommerce shops vulnerable to WordPress leak

WooCommerce shop operators face a serious security issue. A file delete vulnerability in WordPress that could let an attacker take over admin accounts.

Source: Threat Post

Man who hacked Sony, EA, and Steam pleads guilty

Austin Thompson has pled guilty to his crimes. He's known for DDoS attacks between 2013 to 2014.

Source: The Verge

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