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TeamRed Security News Roundup – November 23 2018

TeamRed Security News Roundup – November 23 2018

Over 500,000 people infected by apps from Google Play Store

580,000 people were victims of a malware infection. The source was reportedly 13 game apps created by a Luiz O Pinto.

Note: The original article headline says half a billion, but upon further inspection this looks to be an error.

Source: Techradar

Gmail glitch allows anonymous emails to be sent

There's currently a Gmail bug that allows malicious hackers to send emails with a blank "from" section. This could be used for future phishing attacks.

Source: Threat Post

US Postal Service fixes bug that exposed 60 million customers

The USPS has apparently fixed a bug that allowed all users to see other user details.

It's currently not known if any malicious activity took place while the bug was live, but it's probably safe to assume that at least some data was stolen.

Source: CNET 

Loading a website in Safari made macOS hackable

The people at Dropbox revealed that, for a time, Apple's macOS could be opened up to attackers. All that a user had to do was open a website in the Safari browser.

Apple quickly put out a patch to stop the bug in March of this year.

Source: The Hacker News

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