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TeamRed Security News Roundup – December 7 2018

TeamRed Security News Roundup – December 7 2018

Marriott's Starwood Hotels hit by massive data breach 

Marriott International is the latest victim of a huge data breach, which allegedly has exposed the information of up to 500 million customers.

Over 300 million of these people may have had extremely sensitive data, such as passport numbers, addresses, and full names.

This has given rise to a class action lawsuit against the company, and a large drop in share price.

Source: Forbes

Australia gets tough on encryption

In an unprecedented move, Australia has passed laws that give their law enforcement agencies permission to access encrypted data.

This has understandably raised concerns in the security community, as it could open up a can of worms in the future. However, the Australian government remains undeterred, arguing that public safety is at the heart of the legislation.

Source: CNET

Quora breach exposes 100 million users

Quora has also found itself at the center of a security controversy. Data belonging to 100 million users was reported to be compromised, including email addresses and hashed passwords.

Source: Motherboard (VICE)

Compromised WordPress sites are on the offensive

A botnet army thought to be comprised of 20,000 compromised WordPress sites are now attacking other sites on the popular blogging network.

They're being used as part of a brute-force password attack.

Source: Threat Post

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