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TeamRed Roundup - The Ethereum Classic hack and more

TeamRed Roundup - The Ethereum Classic hack and more

Ethereum Classic removed from Coinbase

Cryptocurrency is meant to be secure, but a hack allowed attackers to spend the same Ethereum Classic coins twice.

This ended in the removal of Ethereum Classic from Coinbase, a move that has huge ramifications for the cryptocurrency. The coins used were reportedly worth $460,000.

This may have happened to Ethereum Classic, but it’s an issue that could affect other popular coins. If you’re a crypto investor, remember to stay vigilant

Source: CNET

MS Office flaw may have shared private information

MS Office has been reported to have had a serious bug patched recently. According to Mimecast, who discovered the flaw, a memory leak related to ActiveX controls could have possibly allowed hackers to execute remote attacks:

“In fact, this memory leak leads to the permanent writing of memory content into different Microsoft Office files and thus, the potential for the unintended leakage of sensitive information and local machine information. If known, this is the type of data could be useful to cybercriminals for executing a malware-enabled, remote execution attack and at least as important—to steal sensitive information.”

Source: Mimecast

202 million Chinese citizens have their details exposed

A stunning discovery by researchers at revealed that a huge database, containing details about 202 million Chinese job seekers, was available for access without any authentication measures.

Though the error has been remedied, those who had access to the database were able to view full names, birthdays, contact information, and even driver’s license information.

Seems like it’s hard to find a safe spot for personal data on the internet. Hopefully, none of the information can be used against these users.

Source: The Hacker News

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