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Beta Blog #3: The External Beta Part 1

Beta Blog #3: The External Beta Part 1

We felt it important to launch our beta in multiple countries, so that we could test the Pangolin’s capabilities through multiple network topologies, ISPs, and internet speeds. We also made sure to have both casual and advanced network users included in our test group.

The core group of 20 testers lived in Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, The Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and the USA. While it wasn’t easy to get all of the devices to our testers, we felt that this wasn’t a step that we could skip.

Our beta users were extremely helpful, and we couldn’t have asked for a more dedicated group of testers. It was humbling to see the support, and also to see that Pangolin did work on a number of cases.

The external beta brought its own challenges, of course. These included:

  • Organizing the quick delivery of devices to multiple continents.
  • Ensuring that all of the latest patch information and testing information was shared with all testers.
  • A number of issues with Apple’s Test Flight.
  • The need for a solution for wifi mesh networks.

On the first day of our external beta, Pangolin already stopped a couple of malware attacks. Within a week, it had dozens more malware attacks and phishing attempts. Pangolin's alerts even helped some of our beta testers discover that they had malware that had been living in devices like their PS4s and network drives for an undisclosed amount of time. The list of prevented attacks only continues to grow as we fingerprint more devices worldwide!

We’re extremely grateful to all of our beta testers and look forward to protecting even more homes and businesses after launch. It’s definitely fulfilling to see our vision come to life and then see the product deliver on its promise!

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